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Has Apple become the -old- Microsoft?

Why old? Well, it would be unfair to compare #Apple with today's #Microsoft, the owner of #GitHub, a sponsor of Open Source Initiative and proponent of innovation through collaboration and co-creation (!). The exclamation will have to stay for a while.

The fight between #Apple and #Hey (, a contender to #Gmail) is not a surprise but a reminder that Apple is increasingly in the business of value capture, not creation. The gist of the story is, Apple forces Hey to sell subscriptions on its iOS platform but Hey refuses because the cost of doing so is a 30% commission for every subscriber. You can find the details in Kara Swisher's article:

Apple seems to be stuck with incremental one-sided ideas, another iPhone with a larger screen or "dark mode" on its iOS platform, and have forgotten the value of co-creation, which propelled the company at the first place. Apple should be encouraging not oppressing experiments like Hey. For that, it is time for Apple to analyze its data from a fresh perspective that is not short-sighted on quarterly revenue, and rethink its model to embrace diversity again. That is what a successful data centric company would do.

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