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Even guesswork starts with "I don't know"

To guess is to admit not knowing in the first place. The problem with Dilbert's coworkers and with most managerial teams is resisting to admit they don't know. Even horoscopes and guesswork should start with the acknowledgment of a knowledge gap. Without such an acknowledgment, the time and effort needed to formulate and solve a problem is not justified. To guess is then to pretend knowing. Guesswork supersedes learning from data because there is nothing to learn when it is all known. Successful data centric companies need a culture that encourages not knowing as much as knowing. #data #analytics #datamining #dataanalysis #datacentricity

Data worker vs. intelligent agent of AI

Absent of imagination , data workers perform at best on par with intelligent agents, finding associations but failing in causality. Identifying causal links requires thinking in counterfactuals, which, in turn, requires imagining what could have been. What is absent must be imagined while what is present remains obvious, even to an algorithm. Data centric companies should invest at least as much in the thinking skills and imaginative ability as in the coding skills of their data workers for value creation. #data #analytics #ai #imagination #causality #causalinference #datacentricity

Swimming in data but blindly

Data show that masks can slow down the spread. Getting our economy back on its feet depends on slowing down the spread. Yet, wearing masks is not mandated, not at the federal level, not decisively. We are swimming in data but blindly. In addition to the likely direct effect on the spread, behavioral change following such a mandate can potentially help regain consumer confidence, increase spending, and boost economy (or not, but an experiment worth pursuing given there is little to lose, if any). Data centricity requires a shift in mindset, no matter whether it is policy making or business strategy making. Without this shift, decision makers may swim in a pool of charts and tables but can't see. #data #analytics #covid19 #decisionmaking #datacentricity